WHAT IS ODYSSEY OF THE MIND?  Odyssey of the Mind is an after school activity that cultivates and involves higher-level thinking, creative problem solving, teamwork, and artistic expression.  Small groups of  kids (5-7) work to develop an 8 minute creative skit that incorporates a variety of specified elements.  They also work as a team to solve “spontaneous” problems, in which they are given a few minutes to complete a verbal challenge or a hands-on task using provided props or materials. Teams present their 8-minute skits and respond to a tournament-provided spontaneous problem at a regional competition held in the spring.

MORE?  Check out the Odyssey website: www.odysseyofthemind.com (especially for a synopsis of the problems).

WHAT ABOUT LOGISTICS AND SCHEDULE?  Teams will be identified and formed over the next few weeks. We expect that each team will begin practicing in December, and will continue up until the regional competition in March. Practices days and schedule will be determined by the coaches and team members involved. Usually, however, teams meet once per week at first, and increase to twice a week during the month or so before the competition.

IS PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT NEEDED?  YES!  This is an all-volunteer activity that depends upon parents to coach, judge, and volunteer at the regional meet.

COST? The PTA pays for the membership and team registration fees. Most of the materials used are provided by the team members so the cost is very nominal.

WHAT SHOULD I DO RIGHT NOW?  Let us know if your child is interested in participating on an Odyssey of the Mind team this year, AND if you might be willing to coach, judge, or  volunteer.

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