The Claremont PTA always needs help!  To browse the dozens of PTA tasks and events for which volunteers are needed, please visit our Committees and Tasks page.  Some highlights and additional opportunities include the following.

Parent-Led Student Activities

Are you a Claremont parent seeking to develop and lead a class or program during school hours or after school?  The PTA is interested in talking to you!  Please review the below policy document, use the below application to draft and submit your class or program proposal.  The PTA Executive Board will review the application and make the decision whether to approve the class or program.

Policy Document



  • In lieu of a criminal background check, two adults should be present during the program, or the program should be
    held in a highly trafficked area (e.g., library or cafeteria).  If the program is held in a classroom, the classroom door should
    remain open.  At no time should one adult be alone with one child.
  • As a PTA-sponsored program on school property, liability coverage is provided by the Claremont PTA’s liability insurance.

General Volunteer List

If you would like to sign up for our General Volunteer list, please fill out and submit the below Volunteer Form.  Thank you for your help!